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Best Feature Length Comedy Screenplay Wi
Best Comedy Feature Length Screenplay No
QUARTER FINALIST - Page Turner Screenpla


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Justin Ray

The very hillarious Justin Ray has starred in a number of independent feature films. Some titles include "False Hopes", "Fortune Defies Death," "Attack of the Killer Donuts," "Disaster LA," and "1 Chance 2 Dance." You can see some of his comedy work in all 3 seasons of the webseries Living with Models streaming on youtube. He is currently performing on stage with the cast of the hit musical Rock of Ages now in Hollywood! 

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Jyllian Petrie

Jyllian was born in Cardston, AB, Canada and is the youngest of seven children. She grew up appearing first on the stage at the age of 4 on her family-owned movie theatre. She moved to Utah at a young age and continued to pursue her career in acting performing in musicals, stage plays, and film. She is most known for  her work on Forget the Rest (2019), Cryo (2019), Yellowstone (2018), and The Last Descent (2016).

Mikayla Iverson

Mikayla has been acting since she was just a wee lass and loves to act in roles that range anywhere from super quirky, to romantic lead. Recently, she has enjoyed playing Whitney, the villain in the feature film "Prescription for Love" as well as the quirky misunderstood hacker -Emma- in a mini series for Windows and Lenovo. Acting has truly      led her down a path that she could never have imagined and is so grateful for.

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Joe Burns

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Joe Burns is an actor originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He has experience in film, theater, television, and new media projects. Oh, and plenty of commercials as a tiny, little child actor (EMBARRASSING!) His favorite movie is Dead Poets Society, he's currently reading "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac, and, if you even want to go skydiving, he's your guy! We are so stoked to have him play the role of Matt!

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Tito Livas

An Idaho native, Tito has been living and working in Utah for the last seven years and has been in principal and featured roles for Hallmark, Lifetime, The Disney Channel, and dozens of local and national commercials. He’s also had his throat slit by Steven Segal in one of his awful movies. When he’s not on set, he’s a stay at home dad to his 3yr old son who’s simultaneously the biggest a-hole, and sweetheart, on the planet. 

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Joshua Michael French

Joshua studied Theater and Business at Utah Valley University where he earned a B.S in Theater. Joshua has had the opportunity to work in children's theater, professional stage and film. Joshua continues to work as a character actor of sorts, dramatically changing his look for each project. While he enjoys being in front of the camera, Joshua has found success as a writer and producer as well. 

Tyler has directed and produced two comedy features: The Good, The Bad, and The Coyote (2011) and Winning Formula (2017). Tyler graduated from the New York Film Academy with an MFA in Producing, and has traveled the world creating commercial content.

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David got his start as a PA over 10 years ago on a film titeld "The adventures of Food Boy." Since then David and Tyler have worked on several projects together. David has lived in several spots in the US and has a varitey of skills and talents to bring to the table. 

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Tyler Farr


David Burke


Karl has worked in various positions in the industry. While he's most known for doing grip and lighting, (Hallmark, Paramount, Disney, Adidas, Walgreens) he has been moving into producing for the last year and has enjoyed working on this film as an opportunity to learn and grow.

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Charles has shot four full length feature films, and over ten short films. When he's not behind the camera, he works in the lighting department (High School Musical, Andi Mack, Wind River, Studio C.) And he has really cool hair...

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Karl Danielson


Charles Unice




Avocado Toast is a story about Adam; a hard-working, plays by the rules family-man, who risks everything he has by experimenting with "millennialism."




Avocado Toast is in the marketing stage of production. Making a movie is tough, and it's even tougher getting it out there. This is a compeltely self funded projet, soaAny financial help would be greatly apprecaited.   Please donate via paypal by clicking the "donate" button.

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